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Hi, I'm Mitch



Nothing here is mine unless otherwise stated, I'm just your average material thief

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When  I wake up a minute before my alarm goes off


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I’ve been in an animating mood lately.

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My parents are lucky I was too lazy to go through a rebellious phase

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I have two regrets in life:

  1. Not watching more anime
  2. Wasting all my time on anime

Whole Cast, Tokyo Ghoul

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Whole Cast, Tokyo Ghoul

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tokyo ghoul, ending images.

4chan posting gore in the 'hannibal' tag

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  • hannibal fan 1: what episode is that from?
  • hannibal fan 2: iirc the one where the guy made a mechanical cavebear suit and mauled people
  • hannibal fan 3: no, the one where the guy ripped his own face off and fed it to dogs
  • hannibal fan 4: that looks like it'll make a delicious pâté
  • hannibal fan 5: lol hannibal isn't keeping his work space as tidy as he used to
  • hannibal fan 6: lol will is distracting him under the operating table
  • hannibal fan 7: imma write porn of this

Don’t buy it they said.
You’ll never use it they said.
… Exam study is progressing well.

Also hi Tumblr, this is my generic white male face.